He’s Killing Dat Thing

I recently had the opportunity to interview this young brother from Elizabeth, NJ, Melo V. Music Artist Melo V defines his music as  new, fresh, hot, with a dab of old school with a hip hop feel, that’s a mouth full.  He’s been singing in the church since the age of 4. Professionally recording at the early age of 11. Melo V is now 24 with a hit out titled, “Killing Dat Thing”.

I checked out his music video on youtube.com. My perception, his voice reminded me of a bit of T Pain, with a pitch of Music Soul Child and add in a smidgen of Jamie Foxx. If you like any of the artist I mentioned you will love Melo V’s melody.

Everybody who know’s me, know’s my thing is fashion. Fashion and music go hand in hand,  therefore I had to ask Melo V his fashion style.He’s a trendy type, but keeps it old school from time to time, by rocking Karl Kani and he accessorize by adding  chains and grills.

Melo V said his music can be listened to by ages 3-60, but recommended for everybody who can appreciate good music.  Ladies if you like chocolate and teddy bears check out Melo V. The chocolate teddy bear who sings.

You can also find Melo V’s music on Sound Cloud and Itunes.


Remember “If It’s Not Here It’s Not Hot!!!!!


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From East New York To The World: Terry Nichols

With several years of Hip Hop experience, Staten Island native now Brooklyn resident Terry Nichols is looking to take his branding campaign to the next level. With the recent release of quality singles, Never Say Goodbye, Pain, Zoe A Nigga, Got Me, and Fit For the Grind Nichols has seen his buzz heighten and relationship with tastemakers enhance.
Formerly known as “TMoney Brooklyn”, Nichols has used his experiences and upbringing in some of the most notorious neighborhoods as motivation and the perfect content for his Hip Hop canvas. After graduating high school, Nichols took the initiative to learn the ins and outs of the production and engineering side of the business which has only empowered his artistry. Pursuing a degree in Digital Arts Media, Nichols coupled the academics with his lyrical acumen and has taken off. His performance resume includes many of the revered venues in the city sponsored by well known promoters A.D. The General and Choo Biggz. Sharing the stage with notables Freeway, Fred The Godson, Phresher, and Bam Vito Nichols has increased his network and bolstered a rapport with the who’s who in NYC indie scene and promises that there is more to come. Stay tuned. For now check out more music from Terry Nichols including his recent self titled project:

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King Piff speaks for the people with new track, “I Need A Check”



One of the more honest and realistic tracks I have heard in a while, King Piff’s I Need A Check is more than self explanatory. Highly relateable to anyone who has ever had hardship or quite simply bills to pay, I Need A Check is almost like an anthem. Check it out for yourself:



Remember “If It’s Not Here It’s Not Hot!!!!!




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