From Rumors to a Video, Benzino and Joseline

Back in January of this year, Benzino dropped a bomb on the Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta and hip hop world by speaking on the possible relationship triangle, between Stevie J, Joseline and Mimi. As you know, Stevie J and Mimi were in a committed relationship before Joseline entered the picture in season one and enticed Stevie into betrayal. Since then many rumors have circulated, furthermore creating a media frenzy and adding to the hype of their reality show. During a twitter feud between Benzino and Mimi, Benzino tweeted about the menage for all of their followers to read.


One other rumor delved out by Karlie Redd (Benzino’s ex) was that Benzino and Joseline had actually slid off behind Stevie J.’s back and had relations of their own. Benzino has participated in numerous interviews with Bossip, Madame Noire, Hip Hop Wired and others denying these rumors. In an interview with Madame Noire, posted on Youtube, when asked about the affair Benzino begins smoothing down his waves. I point this out because without prompting, Benzino admits this to be something he does whenever he gets nervous.

Let’s move forward a little bit. On May 27, 2013, Benzino had a video shoot for his new single/diss track titled “Smash The Homie (Animal).” The lyrics seem to be aimed at fellow cast-mates Stevie J. and Joseline. “She said she wanna get to know me/even though she smashed the homie/I’m just sayin what they told me/i’m just trying to keep it low-key.” In the video, Benzino’s ride or die main lady, happens to be a Joseline Hernandez look-a-like. Some say there is confirmation by Benzino as to whether the situation happened or not. Why don’t we have you judge for yourself.


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