Adrien Broner to be the next Floyd Mayweather? Mayweather Speaks out on Broner’s loss.

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With a proven natural ability, the talented upcoming fighter, Adrian “The Problem” Broner, has some pretty high expectations set for himself. One of the most prestige mentions he has received, was the comparison to the Heavy Weight Champion, Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

However, after this weekends WBA Welterweight Championship fight against Marcos Maidana, instead, he may have just claimed his spot as the next Zab Judah!

There’s no denying that Broner is super talented. However, with his new found fame, the superstar lifestyle followed, and may have overshadowed his primary goal. Spending more time in the clubs than in the gym and prematurely crowning himself the next king of Boxing, may have also played a major role in his defeat on Saturday Night at the Alamodome. However, we’ll leave the speculation to you!

As of now, the facts remain, with the final scores of 115-110, 116-109 and 117-109 announced in favor of Maidana, Broner may want to also pick up the Mayweather discipline, with the Mayweather “shit talk.” Although Floyd Mayweather enjoys partying, and talking smack, he never allows the “lifestyle” to deter him from his primary focus. Maintaining his physique and sharp boxing ability, while enjoying the lifestyle that comes along with the Boxing fame, keeps Floyd Mayweather at the top of his game and also supports his “shit talk.”

However, the Heavy Weight Champion, Floyd Mayweather has some encouraging words for Broner after his Loss, saying “hold your head up champ. I love you. A true champion can take a loss and bounce back, my lil brother.” Following in the footsteps of the Heavy Weight Champion, it is very likely those words will not be taken lightly and Broner will be back to claim his spot.


As of now, with Maidana’s new found win against the three-time world champion, Adrian “The Problem” Broner, I wonder if he’ll manage to pick up “the solution” as his nickname somewhere in his career, because “the problem” was definitely solved Saturday Night.


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