If you didn’t make it out to BBkings last Saturday… Consider yourself lucky! Find out why…

vadoWhat’s Hot in Hip Hop was in the building last Saturday, April 26, 2014 at BBkings in New York, to support the Vado Live event brought to you by #ontherocksentertainment.

Well where do you begin to write a blog review on such an event? Aside from a 30 minute wait in line to get into the club, the experience at BBkings was most definitely not worth the 13 dollar toll and 40 minutes of traffic from New Jersey .

As always the what’s hot in hip hop family made way to support. The camera was set and the crew was live, ready to interview Vado about his new and upcoming projects. However, after the 30 minute wait in line, followed by a 10 minute security check and pat down, I was amazed to walk into a half empty club after 12am. Smdh! You would think the spot was on tilt with the line outside and the hold up at the door.

From a professional perspective, as media and press coming to support the event, the night was off to a bad start. So what officially considered the event a bad experience? With an overall objective to review and cover the event, media was not allowed back stage to set up for the interview with Vado or review the event. As a what’s hot in hip hop blogger, the experience was definitely unexpected, especially after the pleasant experience supporting past events with the promotion team.

However, I will say, the night wasn’t ALL bad. I did get to jam to a few of my favorite songs because the Dj had all the hits! But, I do believe there is always room for improvement, so I’m sure this experience will encourage better planning for expecting media coverage at future events. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.


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