Turning A Test Into A Testimony “The GDep Story”




 Life has a way of changing at anytime, one day we can be on top the next second our life can change drastically. Over the next week I will take you on a journey of one man who took the road less traveled and did what many thought was the unthinkable. Trevell “GDep” Coleman one of the hottest Rappers and Lyricist to come out of New York City, Harlem to be exact was signed to Bad Boy Records in 1998. GDep which is short for Ghetto Dependent took the industry by storm with his CD “Child Of The Ghetto”. His lyrics, his flow and his art of story telling was just what Hip Hop needed. Dep along with his label mates Black Rob, Craig Mack, Mase and Loon just to name a few was just the sound that helped put Bad Boy on top! Dep dropped “Lets Get It” and “Special Delivery and took the world on a Harlem Shake Frenzy!!!!


Over the next week I will bring you in-depth details of GDeps life before the deal, during the deal and after the deal. I will present raw uncut facts of his journey in hopes that people will see how one man with so much courage took his life and turned what many would call a life a luxury and traded it all to clear his mind, body and spirit. Trevell was blessed too have a family who ensured everyone had a relationship with the Most High. Please join me in understanding how the strength of God and the Evil of Satan can play a tremendous role in one mans life. This series of blogs is dedicated to everyone effected by his actions in hopes we can bring closure and understanding. I look forward to sharing this with all my readers and the WHIHH Family. Stay tuned in for the man who “Turned His Test, Into A Testimony” The GDep Story.

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