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Hip Hop is my passion. I am living a journey that can only be judged by thee Most High. I dont care to fit in too Societies Norms. I am a Humble, Hard working Hustla. I had the best of both worlds and that shaped me for this crazy thing we call life. Im an open book either they Love Me or Hate Me Either way They Are Watching...

      Say what you want about Mrs. Carter, but what you can never say is she hasn’t continuously delivered great music. Beyoncé is undoubtedly the most known Performer in the World. Beyoncé has delivered music with meaning, substance … Continue reading

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        Months back I did a series of  blogs on former Bad Boy Artist , Trevell “G Dep” Coleman and his organization “GWF” which stands for The Greater Wealth Foundation. GWF was founded by Coleman and Brother Prince Jamal … Continue reading

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H&M Controversy

      I am speechless, however I am not surprised by the recent racist controversy that yet another store has bought on itself. First let me start by saying as a woman of color and mother of 5 who … Continue reading

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