Say what you want about Mrs. Carter, but what you can never say is she hasn’t continuously delivered great music. Beyoncé is undoubtedly the most known Performer in the World. Beyoncé has delivered music with meaning, substance and records that everyone can relate too. As her career continues to blossom and explode to depths most will never reach she has broken another record. However, are we surprised? We all know Queen Bey is a trend setter, hard-working, persistent entertainer and nothing or no one stands in the way of her greatness.


While many entertainers break the internet with pictures Bey breaks records. Aside from being the wife to hip hop Mogul Jay Z this is one diva who doesn’t need the shine from her better half. The two have created the shine, if I do say so myself! Ok im sure you guys are wondering what The Queen has done now so let me stick to the script.

MTV UK announced today that the singer has become the first artist in history to have three of her albums receive over a billion streams on Spotify.  The news dropped after Mrs. Carter unveiled a collection of Valentines Day merchandise which sent fans into a frenzy. In 2011, her effort 4 was recognized recently for having over one billion streams. I Am…Sasha Fierce and Beyoncé’ assisted this great milestone for the singer and song writer. Love On Top and Who Runs the World have topped the streaming chart with a whopping 400 million streams. Let me remind you how impressive this is, none of the albums promoted singles even reached top 10 on Billboard Hot 100. 

 Bey doesn’t even have her whole catalogue on Spotify. Bey is a very smart business woman. Along side her better half, she is co-owner of TIDAL. Beyoncé has complete control of how her fans can listen to her music by withholding her album “Lemonade” from any and all other streaming companies and services. This musical Icon has accomplished the unthinkable there was a time when music was leaked and the general public had access too. Well The Carters aren’t for the games if they are dropping great music why shouldn’t they be paid, none of us work for free right? I salute Queen Bey and all her accomplishments, Becky with the good hair girl you created a beast. Bey has no thoughts of stopping and as we recognize February as Black History Month I want to pay homage too all my melinated Sisters who break rules, break records and are breaking the bank. 



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Hustle Bunny Rapper G Deps Wife is Tired Of The False Hope From Hip Hop Elite!!!

Months back I did a series of  blogs on former Bad Boy Artist , Trevell “G Dep” Coleman and his organization “GWF” which stands for The Greater Wealth Foundation. GWF was founded by Coleman and Brother Prince Jamal in Elmira Correctional Facility. Well one thing many might not have known is I am the wife of the Harlem Rapper and Convicted murderer who was sentenced to 15-Life in 2011. As a writer, sometimes I tend to think sharing my story or shall I say Our story can be perceived as a conflict of interest, yet also I am obligated to keep our readers and supporters  abreast of what is going on in our community and culture. Today I decide to share a brief synopsis of what my husband and I have going on and  trying to accomplish.



Trevell and I exchanged vows May 18,2017, at Elmira Correctional Facility. While many would cringe at the thought of being wed behind prison walls ,I honestly can say I would not have had it any other way. In a small ceremony with a few family members we exchanged vows, mine were written on a piece of paper that took me 3 months to perfect. His vows well lets just say were pretty dope. G Dep the Harlem Hang Glider spit 16 bars to me in front of our loved ones, the District Justice and Prison Officials. I was totally caught off guard and the tears suddenly filled my eyes. I was in awe, this man whom I once looked up to as an artist way before any courtship began, the emcee who wrote hits like, Lets Get It, Special Delivery and much more had 16 beautiful bars for me. To say I was humbled was an understatement when one of your favorite artist write something so touching and loving you cant articulate the gratitude it was like winning a BET Award.

Moving forward being in this industry of music and entertainment is never easy. Our marriage is anything but ordinary due to his circumstances. I have thought of a way to keep his fans and followers abreast as well as mine. Allowing the public into our union wasn’t an easy decision however, I wanted to create memories for Trevell and also give tthe hip hop community a view on how we keep our marriage alive, his music alive and we desperately need HIP HOP. Over the years I have watched many Artist whom Dep considered friends turn their backs and say they will assist but don’t follow through. So as his wife and many long talks we decided to create our new “WebDocuSeries‘ titled “No Ordinary Love”. A true and factual Web Series that is unscripted and real, our request is simple we need our viewers too share the link and spread the word. Without further ado click the link for Episode 1 of 7. We hope you enjoy the content and most of all enjoy life, love and dedication. Stay tuned as I bring you each episode and once again please share.


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H&M Controversy


    I am speechless, however I am not surprised by the recent racist controversy that yet another store has bought on itself. First let me start by saying as a woman of color and mother of 5 who has purchased merchandise from the retailer the picture of a young King sickened me and a plethora of celebrities.

On January 8, 2018, H&M posted an ad with a young African-American boy with a sweatshirt that said,“Coolest Monkey In The Jungle“.  Over the past 5 years I have shopped for my children and have come across many clothing that had a picture of a monkey but with no caption like this. Majority of the time I encountered this at stores that are frequently shopped at by lower and middle class parents who may be on a budget. As someone who knows everything the entertainment industry or fashion industry releases has a message behind it. I say this because in order to make it on the shelves it has too be approved. How does something in this nature make it past marketing and promotion, an executive and then placed in stores? Rasicim is very much alive and it is in our faces everyday. Unless we as minorities continue to buy the merchandise these hideous clothing with such slogans will continue to be manufactured , unfortunately I also question the parents of this young child on how or why they allowed this and/or why it was ok?

On the flip side of this story, H&M have lost some great musicians who merged with them in the past and present. Abel Tesfya aka The Wkend cut ties with the Swedish Company. Social media went in a frenzy over this poor choice in advertisement. Le’Bron James took to instagram and expressed his disgust. James, stated, “African-American people will always have to break barriers. After this the Cavs superstar posted a picture of the young child used in the ad with a crown above his head, replaced the controversial H&M slogan for another crown and the heading read “King Of The World”. I can’t agree enough that it is time we teach our youth just how real racism is and they are indeed Kings and Queens.

Nevertheless, one Hip Hop Mogul who is known to help African-Americans break barriers with his new slogan #TEAMLOVE is none other than Sean “PDiddy” Combs, Combs has reportedly offered the young model one million dollar contract to model for his Sean John, children apparel. Another Hip Hop Artist G-Eazy also cut ties with H&M, the rapper took to Instagram as well and stressed his concern about the recent ad H&M posted. G-Eazy was excited to start his merge with the company that set for release March 1, the rapper said the feelings of excitement for his global campaign quickly evaporated.

So my question is when does it stop? When will the consumers stop falling for this blinded racism? Why don’t more people buy from small businesses? I urge Society just to take the time to think about how these situations affect us? Know matter what race you are we are all part of the human race. These opinions are solely mine and as a writer my goal and obligation is to speak from facts and my spirit. I would love some feedback from our Readers. What are your thought? As for me,my family and friends will boycott any company who promotes racism and negativity.



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