@OfficialTaylorBlack Freestyle

Up and coming femcee, Taylor Black,  just dropped a freestyle on her Instagram page as part of the Open Bars Challenge via License Lounge by Weekend Work on Shade 45. The winner’s rap will be played LIVE on Shade 45 #WeekendWork Morning Show and mixtape featured on Datpiff.

Originally hailing from Queens New York, making her way to the DMV, and now based in North Carolina, Taylor Black is taking her bars up and down the east coast.

Visit her Instagram page @OfficialTaylorBlack to and like the video to VOTE by August 25, 2017.


“If it’s not here, it’s not hot. This is what’s hot in hip hop!” 

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Flame of Retribution by AJ Williams is On Fire!

“Eric and Joanna Harland are having the night of their lives at a reception celebrating a milestone event- their wedding. The festivity, however, is short-lived, for only a few hours later twenty-one year old Eric Harland is murdered at the hands of the NYPD after a raid gone wrong.  Understandably, Joanna is distraught, but determined not to let the  memory of her innocent husband die. She turns her pain and loss into a campaign to bring the officers to justice, but after months of fighting the officers are aquitted and free to return to their jobs. After the loss, she finds comfort in the company of her late husband’s cousin Charles Wakefield –  a suspected arms dealer who was wounded that night in the raid that killed her husband. But when Wakefield goes to prison for life, Joanna disappears… and that’s when the killings start.” 

@theglamourbox & Author @brave_broadway at Juice Solution


AJ Williams, author of Flame of Retribution, released his book this past spring and has been zealously promoting the book in the tri-state area and beyond. He most recently made his way out to Atlanta from July 20th-23rd for Bronx Day for multiple book signings and appearances.

Prior to his promo run down south, Williams, who is also an actor, director, playwright, and screenwriter, made an appearance on the Natacha Knows Show in New Jersey, which aired on Verizon Fios Channel 26, to talk about his early start in acting, along with his latest book release.

Author @brave_broadway and WHIHH COO @kfhox with her official signed copy of Flame of Retribution


What’s Hot in Hip Hop made our way to one of Williams’ first signings in June out in Harlem at Juice Solution, located at the corner of 149th & Frederick Douglass Boulevard. It was obvious there is a high level of support from the community for this bright star for his latest release, one of the most controversial novels of the year. Inspired by the Sean Bell case and other officer-involved shootings, Williams embarked on a three-part series of books, this being the first in the series.

Be sure to follow AJ Williams on Instagram @brave_broadway and his book’s page @nation_of_flame to get more information on the book, along with upcoming appearances and book signings

What’s Hot in Hip Hop congratulations AJ Williams on his latest release and looks forward to supporting his future endeavors.

You can purchase the book directly at www.class5incorporated.com and also check out “The Blackbird Chronicles: Volume One,” which is a short story collection.

“If it’s not here, it’s not hot. This is what’s hot in hip hop!” 

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DRIFT: New Jersey Drive and Beyond

Straight Official Mag & WHIHH were in the building for the release.

What’s Hot in Hip Hop kicked off summer 2017 with some official heat by Drift at The Twenty Bar in Brooklyn. Hailing from New Jersey, his latest mixtape, “New Jersey Drive” celebrates his Jersey roots. The mixtape dropped early this summer on DatPiff.com, StraightOfficialMag.com, Nodfactor.com, and HipHopBodega.com.

Fresh off the Fleet DJ’s Anuual Music Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina, Drift is making his way through the East Coast to promote “New Jersey Drive” and bring his raw energy to every stage he touches, including his performance on “The Art of Rap” at NJ Pac at the end of June. He’s building momentum with each passing day of summer 2017.

Be sure to follow Drift on instagram: @therealdrift along with his producer, Grammy award nominated @bpzy to catch new music and upcoming shows. 

L-R: Event Sponsor, Tomasi, CEO of Seven Shades Vodka, KFhox, Drift, Baby Paul

You can also follow event sponsor, Seven Shades Vodka on IG: @7ShadesVodkaInc a premium vodka, 100% certified sugar free, gluten free and 6 times distilled based out of Canada. The release party featured two specialty drinks inspired by the “New Jersey Drive” mixtape.

What’s Hot in Hip Hop is always honored to be in the building with great artists, talented producers, and inspiring entrepreneurs. We support leaders in the community, working and growing together from the ground up. We love the culture of hip hop and look forward to all that’s to come from Drift.


“If it’s not here, it’s not hot. This is what’s hot in hip hop! ” 

Baby Paul & Drift


DRIFT BIO: Kojo “DRIFT” Aidoo was born in America but raised in the honor and traditions of his parents who came from Ghana, West Africa. He is the only boy of 3 children hailing from East Orange, New Jersey. As a youth, DRIFT grew up in an environment that was harsh on most occasions. In his teens, he found himself in the midst of what the streets had to offer and as a result of his upbringing he never held back or became timid while facing hard times. It was the steady decline of his surroundings that helped DRIFT open his heart and mind to music; particularly Hip Hop. At the age of 9, he found his calling as an urban poet. His abilities were obvious and over time, his ambitions grew. His talent comes across in his witty and aggressive style shaped by the streets. His influences include Treach, Big Daddy Kane, and Kool G Rap. He’s cunningly won countless battles over other rappers expressing innovative skill and flow. Some of his best known victories were won on both BET’s Freestyle Friday (2002) and MTV’s Direct Effect (2004). ​These battles created numerous opportunities for DRIFT. He has opened for many artists as well as toured across the country. DRIFT has recently played lead acting roles in DJ Khaled’s video “Never Surrender” in addition to Yo Gotti’s “Don’t Come Around.” DRIFT specializes in punch lines displaying undeniable versatility. He distinguishes himself from the rest with his dynamic stage performance. His charismatic personality manifests on the stage offering spontaneous comedy while continuing to give the crowd what they desire, true HipHop. Throughout his musical career, he has been on a journey to find a true home. To support this goal, Drift structured a venture partnership distribution deal with Grammy Nominated producer, Baby Paul aka “BpZy” to release a few street singles into the market under Paul’s label – Divine Order Ent./E-One Music. Drift’s latest 2 singles, “Play Wit Me” b/w “The BaG” are sure fire songs to generate a buzz and showcase Drift’s lyrical song making ability. Drift is now ready to claim his spot in Hip Hop history. 

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