Is Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh a deadbeat dad?

Is Miami Heat’s power forward Chris Bosh a dead beat dad? Allison Mathis is the mother of their three year old daughter. Mathis has reportedly applied for food stamps because she was laid off from her job as a secretary in a construction company. The two have been battling in court for over two years. The NBA finals player contributes $2,600 per month in child support— someone like Bosh whose yearly salary  is in the $18 million range  should be paying $30,000 a month according to state guidelines. Jane E. Carey, who represents Ms. Mathis stated on the Dallas morning radio show “I am appalled at the disparity between Bosh’s lifestyle and his support of Mathis and their three year old daughter”.  “Chris has a lavish lifestyle and he is not stingy, he takes care of everybody except Trinity,” Carey ranted. “I’ve been an attorney for over twenty-nine  years and Chris is the worst person I’ve ever dealt with!”

Chris Bosh has the means to provide for his daughter— it doesn’t matter what type of relationship he has with the child’s mother. This is not a matter for the courts in my opinion. Bosh needs to step up as a father and provider for his daughter. What do you think about this story? I welcome your thoughts.

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