Love and Hip Hop Atlanta–Who are they?

WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE! I am still trying to figure out who’s who and where did they come from. The show looks almost like a soap opera and undoubtedly the love triangle between Joseline, Mimi, and Stevie J is enough to make General Hospital look lame. If it is real, I have got to give props to Mimi for taking it to Mr. Stevie J right in the place where his heart dwells, his business. HAHAHA! That was actually a good one, not to mention killing two birds with one stone or I should say killing two hoes spirit with one lawyer.

When I Wikipedia’d Stevie J, it seems he was falling off and needed an opportunity to get back on. Back in the 90’s he worked on albums with such artist as Diddy, Notorious Big, a song or two for Jay-Z and Beyonce and Maria Carey. When I IMBD’ed him, it was basically a blank profile. I guess the leaked sex tape between him and ex superstar rapper Eve wasn’t enough to make it to the big screens. Thus, explains the reason for the reality TV show. This will be IMBD material for sure!

As for Erica and Lil Scrappy, WTH is it with a woman accepting any old crap from a man who considers her an option. No kids do not try this at home; you are worth a lot more that what a scrappy man can give ya! Now Erica is beautiful but Lil Scrappy is not even using the PR right from the show to promote his career, in fact, he is basically breaking up with her and “moving out”, while Stevie is sucking up all the attention. She then justifies him moving out as a good move and goes on to defend him to mom. This show has to be fake or these women are just dumb!

As I am still trying to figure out the names of the cast, the girl referred to as the “snitch”, is blowing up spots for a shot. I begin to realize that if this BS is real, people will shit’tis on you to your face in the name of ambition no matter how bad it hurts another. Poor Mimi How can anyone think that they will be successful with that attitude? I am sure we will see more of her throughout the show, no holding back here, she knows how to get her PR.

Again, this seems like a big mess, but it could be scripted. Who knows! I can tell you for now,  I am enjoying every minute. So all you petitioners, LEAVE MY REALITY TV SHOW ALONE! The world wants to see what happens to Joseline‘s crazy ass and Stevie J..  Rasheeda‘s blows up (not just on her boyfriend/manager on set), and Monica Scott-Young’s ability to make money off of all the non-sense. This goes to show, you don’t have to be known to make it in America.


This is What’s Hot in Hip Hop! If It’s Not Here It’s Not Hot!

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