Paris Hilton Knocked Down in Paparazzi Scuffle, LMAO

Had to comment on this small segment of news that did not make much headline only because the picture is funny as hell. I was cracking up at the chaos displayed from the “scuffle” between Hilton’s crew and a photographer.

According to TMZ’s website “Hilton was leaving the new Bootsy Bellows Night Club on Sunset Blvd. with her old pal Brandon Davis and some other friends … when a man in their group tried to pry a photog’s camera out of his hands. An eyewitness tells us the photographer tried to hit the dude with his camera.”

What gets me is that without the paparazzi and photographers she would not be even the slightest bit relevant. I do not agree with physically placing your hands on another person unless they are trying to start a fight. For all we know, the photographer could have been disrespectful, but it sounds like he was just doing his job. He has to eat too!

Now, by looking at the picture, I know she had to regret being in the midst of such mockery. And as for the dude with his boxers taking up most of the camera time, at least they were clean. His ass out shined everyone. The lesson of this story, well there really is none. It’s Paris! She is famous for being famous because of photographers that are willing to take a licking to keep on clicking, like this one.
Unfortunately for the photographer, he claims Hilton’s group took his jacket and camera; well he won’t be clicking for a while. Sorry buddy, guess there was some serious footage that was too HOTT for TV!


If It’s Not Here It’s Not Hot!

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