Woman shot & Killed by Police-Find out WHY:(

A woman was fatally shot in the chest by a police officer on a Brooklyn street corner Thursday evening, authorities said. It happened at around 5:45 p.m. at Church Avenue and E. 38th Street in East Flatbush. Police said the woman was taken to Kings County Hospital in critical condition and later died. The P.O was on duty when he shot the woman, said authorities. The circumstances of the shooting were not immediately known.-This report is done by NBC News

WHIHH Reports from sources

The woman was told repeatedly to remove her self from the vehicle at a car accident scene. She did not refuse to get out of the car. She could not get out of the car because the air bag prevented her from getting out. Female victim was shot by an NYPD Narcotics Officer. The victim was shot in the chest, and is likely to die.

At approximately 5:40 p.m. today, plainclothes NYPD officers in an unmarked vehicle observed a stolen grey Toyota Camry being driven erratically westbound on Church Avenue, running a series of red lights at East 40th Street, East 39th Street, and East 38th Street, where it collided with a Toyota minivan that had been traveling south on East 38th Street.

According to the report on Onesure Insurance, the stolen Camry had crossed a double-yellow line to pass cars stopped at the red light in front of it,  and then entered the intersection. The police vehicle pulled alongside the stolen vehicle at the crash site. Both officers exited and approached the stolen car. They observed the driver, 23, move to the unoccupied passenger side and open the door. The officer on the passenger side attempted to enter the vehicle, but was struck by the open door and thrown backward as the woman moved back to the driver’s seat, put the car in reverse and hit the gas.

At the same time, the other officer had entered the driver side of the vehicle with his gun in one hand, and was attempting with his other hand to shift the gear into park, when a single round was discharged from the firearm, striking the woman in the chest.

She was transported to Kings County Hospital where she was pronounced dead. The woman had no identification on her and none was found in the vehicle. She was subsequently identified through fingerprint records. The driver of the minivan was treated for minor injuries at Kings County Hospital. The Toyota Camry was reported stolen in a carjacking with a firearm on June 5 in the 67th Precinct.

Identification is pending family notification

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