Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Revealed

Have you been following Love And Hip Hop Atlanta? More like Love And Hip Hopera. Let me bring you up to date. The show is based around up and coming artist trying to make it big in the music industry in Atlanta, Ga. Love and Hip Hop is like a midnight soap opera filled with charterers that are willing to do just about anything to gain success.

We have Stevie J, who uses his position as a music producer to gain the trust of women to manipulate them for his selfish needs. Stevie has a two year old daughter with Mimi Faust, his long time girlfriend. Mimi, fed up with Stevie’s “bullshit” demanded a stake in the business taking 10% ownership of his company and 10% of the interest in Joseline. BLOG photo

Joseline is an aspiring rapper/singer who use to strip for a living. Her and Stevie are seeing one another. She is determined to block anyone wanting and willing to work with Stevie J..  Karlie Redd is a hip hop artist, good friends with Mimi who insists on working with Stevie.

Karlie is beefing with K-Michelle who is also good friends with Mimi. K-Michelle is a singer hoping to get a second chance in the music industry. She developed a bad reputation through out the industry because of an incident with her former label. And there is Ariane Davis, Mimi’s best girlfriend. She is a aspiring singer, although she supports her good friend she would prefer Mimi leave Stevie for good.

Stevie J and Lil Scrappy fought over calling his baby momma Erica Dixon a bitch during a confrontation the two had at a public event. Lil Scrappy the rapper, discovered by Lil John has a seven year old daughter with Erica. He’s involved with his best friend but the two don’t know about one another. His mother Momma Dee ex pimp/drug dealer is also apart of the act lending her motherly advice through out the show.

Rasheeda is an Atlanta based hip hop artist who’s trying to build a name in the industry. The feisty diva in managed by her husband Kirk Frost of D-Lo Entertainment. Their marriage could be in jeopardy because of all the stress of being a “marriager” (marriage/manager).


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