Maino Shot during performance?

While making it rain during his performance, a single shot was fired hitting Maino in his upper torso area.

In the video you can hear him yell, “Oh Sh*t!” while ducking for cover.

MissInfo caught up with the “Hi Hater” rapper to find out if he were okay, and apparently, he’s perfectly fine.

Apparently, the video of Maino getting shot if from a Benny Boom-directed movie titled Dice City, where Maino plays himself and subsequently is shot.  


Maino has reassured fans that he is ok after rumours began circulating that he was shot during a performance.

However, Maino has taken to his Twitter account to dispel the rumours which he says are completely false.

“Shot who? I’m bare foot in the Spur! Ni**a!” Maino wrote alongside a photo of him sitting on his vehicle.

Explaining where the footage came from, Maino added: “That’s a scene from a moviethat some F**kwad filmed on his phone and put out like I got shot in real life. Na B***hes. I’m good.

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