Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Exposed

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta is a reality show about artist trying to make it big in the music industry, right? Well I’m not convinced. So far the show has shined a negative light on what is suppose to be an opportunity to hustle hard so one can play hard later on. Don’t get me wrong we all have our own share of drama to deal with but 90% of the show is full of it. Let’s start with Stevie J‘s love triangle— will Mimi ever get enough? I am all for keeping family together but at what cost. She has given him free range to do whatever he pleases because he knows she will remain with him.

On the other hand Joseline has what it takes to be at the top of her game but she’s going about it all the wrong way. Someone need to educate this woman on common decency. Lesson number one: Know your place. Joseline, you are the artist boo boo your job is to make music to Stevie’s productions not threatening his baby mama as if she wronged you. Lesson number two: Do your home work. Poor thing going around questioning everybody about sleeping with Stevie as if she’s his number one girl— chick need to buy a clue. Finally, what century are we in? Did this child fail health class? It doesn’t take much to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancies and std. Wrap it up or pull um up, what ever you must do protect yourself.

Lil Scrappy, typical rapper isn’t man enough to fulfill his responsibilities as a dad asking Erica Dixon the mother of his child to suspend his child support payments although according to her he hasn’t contributed to his daughters life financially in quite a while. Scrappy needs to grow some cojones and keep his mother out of his love life. What is he like 30 something? Grow up already, play time is over.

Rasheeda and her husband love is put on the line when she finally tells him he’s not fit to be her manager. Previously hubby tried to use their personal relationship as a weapon to remain on board. It must have been hard for her to fire him but I believe it’s prudent for advancement in her career. Maybe now she can live up to her full potential.I wish them both the best.

K. Michelle and Karlie Redd are stereotypical, we as women should be able to support one another in all that we do. Is that so much to ask? K. Michelle is a psycho in my opinion and Karlie Redd is a busybody. They both need to get it together.

That’s What’s Hot In Hip Hop! If It’s Not Here It’s Not Hot!

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