Love in Hip Hop Atlanta, How do you feel about Stevie J and his female Artist Joseline

On “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” Joseline joins Stevie J and Mimi in therapy on episode 8. Nobody would have known that adding Joselineto the counseling session would have been a mistake, or more like a complete disaster.

We all know that Mimi has a big problem with Stevie J communicating with Joseline, but asking her to join in on the counseling session is more like a nightmare. While Stevie J attempts to make everything better with Mimi by having issues resolved with Joseline. While peacefully sitting down and talking through their issues, Joseline isn’t happy with the things she is hearing. She decides to add a boxing punch to and Stevie J’s face.

I have to say after watching episodes of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta”, Stevie J and Joseline’s relationship is unpredictable.

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