Usher Explains How Stalker Got in His Home at Custody Hearing

Usher and Tameka’s custody battle continued in a Georgia courtroom Monday.
Taking the stand to discuss communication troubles with Tameka, Usher told the court he is never informed of just about anything pertaining to his children.
“It’s alarming that I never know who was actually on the trip, who was with them, who was care taking for them,” said Usher.  “Was the nanny there, was it a relative or a family member or one of the other children watching the kids?  Was it a cousin, or an uncle—I don’t know, I never know.  I never get any information unfortunately until we’re in court.”
While that may have helped his case, which is to obtain full custody of his sons, Usher had to address Tameka’s concern that his home was unsafe Monday. As widely reported last month, a woman describing herself as someone involved with Usher was able to access his property in a secured community. According to Usher’s testimony, the stalker was able to enter the home and even take pictures.
“My grandmother answered the door (and) assumed this was someone I had an appointment with,” Usher said before claiming a conversation with his bodyguard led to the woman be escorted off the property by the community’s security team. “He (my bodyguard) was then brought over and escorted the lady out to the front yard. At that point they then escorted her off together.”
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