Actor Clifton Powell Being Sued For Rape!!

Clifton Powell — who also appeared in “Rush Hour,” “Civil Brand” and “Menace II Society” — has been sued by a woman using the pseudonym Kiyante Myers … who claims the actor raped her in a hotel room in August 2011. According to the suit, Myers claims she initially consented to sex with Powell … but when it turned rough, she asked him to stop … and he refused. Instead, she claims, Powell placed his hands over her face and raped her.

Myers went to cops about the incident last year … and an investigation was conducted. But cops didn’t feel there was enough evidence to prove Powell committed a crime and they closed the case against the actor.

Myers has now taken her claims to federal court in Louisiana, where she’s seeking damages in excess of $75k.

A rep states “Mr. Powell absolutely denies these false accusations and plans on pursuing all legal remedies available to him against his accuser.”

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