Bobbi Kristina & Nick Gordon Get Their Own Apartment Together!!

Most people who aren’t supposed to be together and are sneaking around usually rent a hotel room, but if you’re Bobbi Kristina you get a new apartment. Bobbi K and her brolover Nick Gordon who have been living together in Whitney’s mansion, have gotten a love nest they can call their own.

Bobbi K took to Twitter to share the news:

Now why did Bobbi feel the need to move out of the only home she’s ever known? I guess this is code for “Nick and I can do whatever we want to do without feeling guilty doing it in the house we grew up in.”

Bobbi Kristina and her brother-turned-boyfriend Nick Gordon have been rapidly inking their bodies adding numerous tattoos.

The 19-year-old daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown has been going into Inksomnia Tattoo in Alpharetta, Georgia since she was 15 years old — and it was her mother her first brought her!

This cannot end well!

That’s What’s Hot In Hip Hop!

If It’s Not Here It’s Not Hot!

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