Lil Scrappy & Erica Dixon Grace The Cover Rolling Out Magazine!!

Lil Scrappy and fiancée Erica Dixon are participating in some public displays of affection in the latest issue of Rolling Out Magazine. The Love and Hip Hop Atlanta stars became engaged when Lil Scrappy popped the question during the show’s reunion episode. In the issue, the two talked about how their relationship works and his portrayal as a bad father on screen.

“They kept saying I was a bad father,” he said. “That was the one thing that kept getting to me. It was messed up because they heard Erica say one thing, and then they took it and ran with it. I have always been there for Erica and [daughter] Emani, so it kind of got to me when they would say that… I’m not like these other baby daddy dudes out here. I really take care of mine.”

Despite the ups and downs and the love triangle these two had with Shay Johnson, Scrappy decided to put a ring on Dixon’s finger and commit to his daughter’s mother.

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