Taj Wearing Crystal Paved Spider Costume Jewelry Available at facebook.com/legendzfashions

Get the latest in Trendy high quality Basketball Wives Jewelry. Taj is wearing a crystal paved spider necklace and spider bracelet with an attached ring which is available for purchase at facebook.com/legendzfashions. Please subscribe to our Blog to get updates on our newest accessories as they arrive. We carry all the accessories worn by Love N Hip Hop Altanta also. We have a huge variety to meet your fashion needs at a discount price.  Use this link to shop via cellphone https://lish.com/s/3yyi/legendzfashions?invite-code=74451ab4-df46-11e1-b660-123139181415

Would you wear these pieces? If not why?

That’s What’s Hot in HipHop!

If it’s not here it’s not hot!


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