Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Jay Lynn is a fresh young face hitting the scene with a different proposition for the game!!!! Jay Lynn started off in Hotline Radio where she began building her portfolio. Amazingly, Jay Lynn was never into modeling….in fact, it was her family and friends who encouraged her to go for it. So despite her reluctance, in order to satisfy her own curiosity, she did!!!! After her very first experience, she immediately became inspired and motivated by the artistic side of modeling…..the photo shoots, the clothes, hair styles, makeup, lights, and colors.

She then met a few loving people from Elegant Hoodness #NAB and since has been working! She has been in NemsLast Stop” video, Cortez’s video “Heartbreaker” and has also worked with a reggaeton artist straight from Puerto Rico named “Martell“.

Jay Lynn has participated in numerous photo shoots and has been promoting XS Energy Drinks with its CEO Sean Felder. It was at an event in which she was out working with him, that she met Aldwyn Edwards and they briefly spoke about her vision to become successful as a model. Since their meeting, Aldwyn has shown his support through networking on her behalf, and utilized the connections he developed to get her featured in the August edition of Z’he Magazine that was published in September 2012, as well as on Ladii Like Platinum Status Promotions model page, and most recently on Ill Entertainment’s model page.

Jay Lynn has also recently appeared in Stacked magazine. Her next step is to start working on more prominent projects through the benefits of increased exposure. She’s a 19 year old woman who is driven, opinionated, bold, and very vocal….especially about her career. Her parents come from the Dominican Republic, which obviously contributes to the flair and fiestiness that is exemplified with every click of a cameras shutter. She measures 36-26-34, is 5’6″ tall, and obviously gives new meaning to the term “thick and sexy“.

Her personality is charismatic, charming, bubbly, and always fun. She is very intelligent, ambitious, and driven as she continues to juggle school, work, and the pursuit of her modeling career. Which consequently speaks volumes about her desire to succeed on a personal level, as well as in the modeling profession. Beware….Jay Lynn is a blank canvas someone can turn into pure art….sort of like a Picasso, Rembrandt, or DaVinci. Welcome ladies and gentleman….the gallery is now open….enjoy the priceless art that is Jay Lynn!!!!

That’s What’s Hot In Hip Hop!

If It’s Not Here It’s Not Hot!

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