The REAL Lil Mouse Mixtape dropped 12/12/12 “Mouse Trap”

Lil Mouse mixtape, Mouse Trap, dropped 12/12/12. Chicago is undoubtly under the microscope in hip-hop. With the success of young rappers like Chief Keef, Rockie Fresh, King L. and more, the Windy City is being looked at as the next “hotspot” for rap talent. With the buzz and accolades also comes the drama and controversy. Particularity one young Chicago “gangsta rapper” by the name of Lil Mouse. Shorty is only 13-years-old, yet raps about about gun violence, explicit sexual encounters, gangs and other mature topics commonly associated with hardcore hip-hop. Lil Mouse has caught the attention of the nation with his “Get Smoked” music video which has generated hundreds of thousands of views on Youtube and WSHH. Most recently, Lil Wayne remixed the track on his Dedication 4 mixtape, which was released yesterday. Weezy is already being criticized for this move but remember he was doing the same thing at Mouse’s age. Don’t forget he accidentally shot himself while blasting rap music and playing with a gun at 12-years-old.

Is his mixtape hot?

That’s What’s Hot In Hip Hop!

If It’s Not Here It’s Not Hot!

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