Chief Keef And The 500 Campaign

There’s a anti-violence movement going on through Instagram based out of Chicago in effort to stop black-on-black crimes and murders of the city’s youth. One would think the community would be all for such a movement after 535 murders in 2012, but a controversy has sparked and continues to brew. The campaign, started by Bryant Cross, 28-year-old Chicago native. Cross asked of residents to send in their photos and he’d add the phrase “Angry Because Over 500 Youth Were Murdered in Chicago” then post them to Instagram. A photo (below) was submitted by a female and in her entry, she is seated in a vehicle with 17-year-old, Interscope Records hip hop artist, Chief Keef (Keith Cozart). Since the world was introduced to Chief Keef, this young rapper has reportedly been in numerous feuds with other rappers as well gang members in Chicago. Chief Keith has received constant backlash for penning violent and misogynist lyrics and currently is on probation for pointing a gun at a police officer back in 2011. Chief Keef was released from incarceration earlier this month for a violation of his probation.

The citizens of Chicago are outraged and want the picture removed due to the fact that Chief Keef raps about drugs and violence and now his picture is included in a anti-violence campaign. A day after the picture was posted, Cross removed the picture. A day later, he re-posted the picture adding his comments as to why the picture belonged in the campaign. “Chief Keef and brothers like him are the ones we should be engaging,” Cross told “If you can’t look at a photo and not be hostile — there’s no hope. We have to be able to engage everyone, not just the people we like.” Cross says he doesn’t feel like the picture mocks his movement, rather “strengthens” it. community, do you think the this picture belongs in with the more than 1200 other images posted? Let us know what you think.



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