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Attended Rock Out Celebrity event last night at the Secret Lounge located on 29 st & 10th ave, New York. So this morning I was ask by a good friend of mine DWhit, Celebrity Choreographer and now Director of Ghetto Chronicles who is located Down South Baton Rouge, Louisiana and writes me on FB.

heard the party was a disaster last night. She says they weren’t letting anyone inside the club at 7pm and it was cold and rainy. Then finally they let people in shortly afterwards. Then she says they started announcing that there was a one drink minimum even for vip guests. Then she said some rapper got on stage yelling the n word over and over and calling women in the audience bitches and hoes. I just don’t think it was her kinda party. She said she was dressed for red carpet event when mostly the men were walking around with their pants hanging off their butts lol”.

So this is how it goes down. On my way there, late and I hear from my partner Jeffrey Blackfoot, CEO/Owner over the phone we have to buy 2 drink min. (saying to myself,”hell no”) I don’t buy drinks when working. My partner already there and says “this is crazy”…Walking up and seeing my partner and business associate Sha Mack, Booking & Casting Agent for models & Brand Ambassador for OGxo Brandy (ICE-T) and WiseMen Ent (Forcemds) Finial level (ice-t) PayUp Management and notice they are walking away with bags, bags of the models Sha brought to the party and also attending with Mama Jones, Jim Jones Mother in which never showed, says they have to pay $3 for each bag.

OK so I walk away frustrated to go look for Akaq Morice aka Q and Bronz Blazed,

Hi5 Interveiwed with Chef Juvon,

HI5 Interviewed with Chef Juvon, Co-Owner/ Chief Social Media Officer at

owners of  Rock Out Celebrities to find that probably that’s what the lounge is doing and not them. Walking in without problems with Morice and the  place is packed. Media and press was suppose to be there for 7 pm to set up and the party starts at 8 pm  so my friend from down south friend was way to early. Walking to the press area passing by some appetizers sadly not done by Jayvon Makers Catering but was looking delicious by Ms. Tonya’s Catering and Sinful Delights Inc. 

Umm there was a comedian from Miami that was cursing a lot and calling women out of their name but his mic was mysteriously turn off, if you get my drift! The thing about buy a drink was the club thing not Rockout Celebrity. The function was a mixture of people from the entertainment industry  They were from all over the states. My thing was it was not a good location for such an affair, place was to small but maybe that is what their dollar got them. Media spot was crazy hectic and when it came time for certain artist to perform, there wasn’t any control with people crossing bac n forth through the “stage area” and people with cell phones recording in front of us. What a night mare for media.

I even had to keep asking people to move back out of camera space.

2 time Plat. artist JT Money Pict of Down South Legend JT Money

Rock Out Celebrity Projects  Event Manager for Warner Bros Music Group Celebrity A&R Anthony JonesClients in which we got interviews with people like Down South legend JT Money, DMX son Xavier, Mikey Jay: Sony Music / Red / Rap Legends Recordings (Grammy nominee, 7x indie music award winner, 3x BET 106 & Park Freestyle Friday Judge, BET Rap City Producer of the Week)and other interviews with Tashera Simmons, DMX X Wife, members of Hi5, just to name a few. Also saw Charles David, Emelyn Stuart, Milton Saul and others.

Overall compared to most events that we’ve been to, they (Rock Out Celebrity) had a very good response. We, look forward to working with some more of their clients.

Let me know what you think if you attended and if not if you would like to attend below……stay tuned to our Instagram for photos and for live Coverage



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Chief Social Media Officer/ Co-owner of WHATSHOTINHIPHOP.COM. Owner and Excutive Chef at Jayvon Makers Catering and J.M. Cakes. Love to play piano, cook and go out at times. Used to sing with the Boys Chior of Harlem so singing and music developed from my bone narrow. LOOKING FOR MOR BLOGGERS..HIT ME
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