Foxy Brown Speaks on Jay-Z Rumors

I’m sure you’ve heard by now and if not, there have been rumors circulating regarding Foxy Brown and how she got her big break into the music industry. We all know that it was none other than Jay-Z (27 years old at the time) who ushered Fox Boogie into the mainstream at the age of 15. The ticket into the game reportedly came at a high price. The rumors were; Jay-Z taking Foxy’s virginity, Jay-Z funded many of Foxy’s shopping sprees, nail and hair salon trips and gave her gonorrhea. All of this while Inga Marchand (Foxy Brown) still attended high school.

There were more rumors. Foxy was also reported as saying Jay-Z was a “tranny chaser” and that there was a sex tape of Foxy, Jay-Z and actor, singer, songwriter and comedian Jaime Foxx recorded while the three engaged in a threesome. Some time after Jay-Z had Foxy sign some “gag order” contracts. Soon after this that tape somehow hasn’t been seen since and Foxy believes Jay-Z took it. The “tranny chaser” comment began soon after Foxy supposedly said she had received several harassing phone calls from a transgender person regarding Jay-Z, after Foxy contracted the STD. Former NBA baller, Larry Johnson‘s name also has been circulating in this story, but this blog is meant to rehash the shock most felt when the original story broke.

These were some serious allegations. I recall several years ago when Jay-Z called out and severed ties while on tour with R. Kelly. As you may know, R. Kelly faced molestation charges for an encounter with an underage female which also included a video recording of said incident. R. Kelly eventually was cleared of the charges after a lengthy court case.

Guess what? Foxy Brown is denying the story and stating that all of this is false and she has no respect the lies! Apparently the rumors began at a baby shower Foxy attended. In a statement given to TMZ, Foxy said, “The atrociousness of this story sickened me to my stomach. Any and everyone involved will be contacted by my attorney.” As for the relationship between Foxy and Jay-Z, Foxy added, “Jay has only been wonderful to me and my family, a great friend throughout all the years I’ve known him and we had nothing but great success as a team.”

It’s hard to call an opinion on this one with the reports of the gag orders in there. It is much easier to write this blog with my personal opinion excluded. As for my personal opinion though, it’s none of my business but this is why we call entertainment, entertainment. We’ll see how the story continues to unfold.


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