Paris Jackson Recovering From Suicide Attempt

Paris Jackson, 15 year old daughter to the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson is recovering from an apparent suicide attempt. Paris, while at home in Calabasas, California reportedly took 20 ibuprofen pills and slit her wrist with a kitchen knife. Both methods have been confirmed by the birth mother, Debbie Rowe and 911 dispatch record. Although guardianship of Michael Jackson’s 3 children has been granted to Katherine Jackson (Michael’s mother) and TJ Jackson (Michael’s nephew) the conversation leading up to the suicide attempt was between Paris and Debbie Rowe. Sadly, the attempt to end her life, according to family sources, was not being able to attend a Marilyn Manson concert. Just hours before the suicide attempt, Paris Jackson took to twitter to vent her frustrations. She mentioned how a conversation had quickly escalated, asked why tears were so salty, and wrapped up on twitter by quoting the Beetles, “yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away now it looks as though they are here to stay.”

Many of the Jackson’s took time to express their thanks for the many well wishes received and asked for continuous prayer toward Paris’ recovery. At the age of 15, at times it can be difficult to understand how some of our emotions work. June 25th marks the four year anniversary of the passing of Michael Jackson. We here at What’s Hot In Hip Hop ask that put some positive thoughts up in the air for the Jackson’s as well. We are thankful that the doctors were able to prevent a tragedy.

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