Jim Jones (Capo) Meets Bunny (The Madame)

Harlem stand up!!! As a small city chic with big city dreams, I finally get to meet Jim Jones. I have heard many stories about the Capo, however Bunny is going to see for herself tomorrow. I will be interviewing Jim Jones at the Famous Vic’s Music Hut. Jim Jones will be having a signing for Vampire Life III and show casing his clothing line Vampire Life from 7-9pm. I see a lot of New Yorkers rocking Vampire Life apparel and from what I have seen it’s dope.

Im also excited because there will be many other invited Celebrity Guest that will be in the building. Erica Mena, Stephanie Santiago and Chyna will be in the building. Vic’s Music Hut is also thee hottest and very well known record store in New York. What’s Hot In Hip Hop will be in the building. Trust me it is going to be Epic, Capo meets The Madame. DIPSET BABY

************IF IT’S NOT HERE IT’S NOT HOT***************



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8 years ago

Lets Just be Truthful Jim Jones Died when he fell out with max b, ur artists awlyas influence you, and from the hard work max b put into his records that what made Jim stand up, now he has got Mel matrix and sin by his side they are both good in their way but are not as versatile as max was, No MAX No Stack Bundles, NO M.O.B = No Fans = 5 thousand sales a week, look at Carmon he has got Vado by his side and they seems to be flying .. I am a fan of Dips but every one knows their days are over; they need Dame Dash ba ck in management

Reply to  Alex

Thank you for your input Alex it is appreciated. I feel every artist has the potential to reinvent themselves. I think Jim Jones right now is thinking bigger business ventures. As an artist I have many who influence me, but I don’t think their influence could have an effect on me unless I allowed it to.

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