Mel Murr at Reality Show, Hair Extrodinaire Kim Kimble’s Event (Atlanta)

The weekend was an explosion of fun. Starting with the Kim Kimble’s Event, the week of the Bronner Brother’s Hair Show. It was a great pleasure to share this moment with Ms. Kimble and some of the cast member’s that will be featured on Season 2 of LA Hair on channel WE. Congratulations Lady! Kimble have styled celebrities hair from Michelle (former member of Destiny Child), Selena Johnson, Lil Mama and more… She continues to spread her mark through her weave pieces and styles. All I have to say is Funky Diva @funkydineva from the Rickey Smiley Morning Show was showing his/her a** off, acting a hot hilarious mess by making jokes about Ms. Deb (Waka Flocka’s mom) at Ms. Kimble Event. One of the jokes was about Ms. Deb’s wig. Oops! I guess it wouldn’t be a celebrity event without drama honey!

If it’s not here it’s not hot! This is What’s Hot In Hip Hop!

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