Usher Raymond V is Hospitalized in ICU After Pool Accident

Usher Raymond V getting his hand stuck in a pool’s drain! OMG!

Monday at the home of the singer/song writers Usher’s house around 6pm Usher’s son was playing in the pool with his aunt Rena Oden, when the child seen a toy in the drain of the pool. Immediately the child grab the toy and his arm got stuck in drain. The Aunt rushed in the pool and tried to grab the child’s arm out, but struggled to get his arm released. The Maid immediately jumped in the pool after, but it was unsuccessful.  So the maid screamed “help”, and two men hurried and jumped in the pool and was able to save little Usher’s arm from the drain. He was given CPR and rushed to the hospital. Doctor’s says “he will be OK”, but what a scary moment this has been for Usher. Two months ago his step son Kile by ex-wife Tameka was killed in a Jet ski accident. I really hope Usher doesn’t have any beef with his aunt. I would be pissed, but thankful!


If it’s not here it’s not hot!

Usher Raymond V rushed to the Hospital


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