Oh Mama Mia, Mia Bunny Exposed



Joe Budden just can’t seem to get a break with the women he dates. Rapper, Joe Budden a rapper from New Jersey who is very underrated with his dope lyrics and career seems to be the magnet for women who are not worthy of the man he is. After receiving an anonymous email on Joe’s new alleged love interest Mia Bunny. But before we get started on this story, let me put out my disclaimer. The views and opinions expressed in the email are not those of WHIHH.com and myself, Bunny Da Billionaire Blogger, so with that being said lets get to it.
Mia Bunny from Miami allegedly  is an opportunistic woman when it comes to the rappers and has been known to chase a few around. She has had some alleged ties to the Young Money Camp and allegedly is suppose to be dating rapper Joe Budden. Well this chic got some sneaky, underlining, manipulative ways about her. Mia Bunny doesn’t only chase the men, she Is allegedly  known to chase the women as well. Mia Bunny, has allegedly been linked to dating dope female MC Lady Luck. Lady Luck and Mia have allegedly  been involved for over a year.
Let us forward to this year, Lady Luck while on vacation as usual on her grind, was recently in Florida for two weeks. While in Florida while Ms.Mia was allegedly with Joe Budden, she was also allegedly  texting Lady Luck the whole time. However, the tables turned when pictures surfaced of Joe and Mia in his home .Allegdly, when asked by Lady Luck what the deal was? Mia responded, it’s not like that. Lady Luck being no stranger to how this chick was operating cut her off ASAP.
Once Lady Luck dissed and dismissed this groupie for any and everybody Mia continued to remain in contact with the Femcee via twitter where she hunted Lady Luck down. Lets not get this twisted Lady Luck stays in a stable relationship and respects herself and her image. Lady Luck allegedly refuses calls, text messages and any other correspondence from Mia. So now Mia Bunny has taken it to Instagram.
As for Joe Budden this could possibly turn into another Amber Rose situation. He is being used and mislead by this woman. Joe Budden you are a smart, intelligent, gifted man who does not need to be used from these gold diggers. Looks aren’t everything. Mr.Budden find someone who works just as hard as you do and understands your lifestyle.
Mia Bunny this is just the beginning of a fraud being exposed. There is more to come. Stay tuned as I unfold the truth about Ms. Mia Bunny. Something tells me this story is going to reach the masses. The truth will be told and people will be exposed.

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