Sociable Networks or Unsociable Networks?

We all have one sometimes it’s the first thing you check before you roll out the bed. Social Network Sites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook where the rich and famous spend an enormous amount of time on. Sharing their lives, families, music and sometimes things that make no sense or need not be shared. However, when it comes to connecting to their supporters and fans on social sites they shun them. Why is it Celebrities don’t follow back or accept friend request? Never knowing how a celebrities music, acting, etc. might inspire an person or could save a life. Are the so stuck in their own little circle that ordinary people like myself mean nothing to them? Understanding that the rich and famous have to create some sort of normalcy in their everyday life, and occasional acknowledgement would be nice to the people who go buy your CD, pay outrages prices to go see their Movies or pay hundreds of dollars to see them perform in concert. Should they be granted their own social network? Perhaps if people shun their careers like they shun their fans, they might be able to relate to how their fans and supporters feel.

One celebrity that always tries to follow all her fans and supporters back on Twitter is Sheryl Underwood. I think this is wonderful because she has been great at doing this. I do understand and realize we all need privacy in our personal lives. However, my question is why share personal things about your life when it is convenient for you? Perhaps because I am a humble person and made a choice to never let any success in life, determine how I interact or treat people. I have always been able to separate personal and business. In closing, I would like to say I am not bashing anyone. I just always wanted to know why are the unsociable with that little blue bird next to their name feel they are superior to anyone else.


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