Fashion week started early this month in NYC. When Charli Baltimore arrived with her team B.M.B she was taking no prisoners and she did it in style. Last week Charli Baltimore who was once signed to Irv Gotti’s Label Murder Inc, let the world know she never went any where. WHIHH had the pleasure of hanging out with this sexy, sophisticated, and humble Femcee. I was blessed to have had Charli as one of my first guest on my radio show “Da Original Hustla Heelz”, so I felt comfortable going to meet her and her team. We arrived at her hotel and the atmosphere and love shown to everyone who was their to interview her was amazing to say the least. As we were walking in I got a glimpse of Charli and she remembered me. When an artist remembers you I feel it is the most humbling feeling. She waved and I waved. We were greeted by thee most outgoing, great spirited Trea Davenport Charli Baltimore’s Public Relations Representative.

It was very quiet at first as Press waited patiently to meet Charli, so me being my self decided to turn it up a notch and ask for the man in the video a little secret me and Charli shared on my show. I yelled where is Trick Trick! Trick Trick is an artist on the B.M.B Label that Charli Baltimore is the CEO of. Ms.Davenport went and got him and the laughs began, press started networking with each other, people started interacting more and all was great. Charli’s main purpose for her trip to New York was to promote her new mixtape which drops September 7th,2013, “Hard 2 Kill”. People let me tell you this mixtape is a scorcher as we got to watch the video B.M.B Charli ft Trick Trick. This video and song is definitely a club bannger. I urge all fans and supporters when this mixtape drops to pick it up. Charli Baltimore changed the game again. With her unique style and oh so dope fashion sense you can’t go wrong.

Finally the time came for me and CEO of WHIHH Mr.Hunter and our ever so patient camera man to interview Ms.Baltimore. She was just as I expected! Beautiful, humble and positive. We didn’t want to keep her long as we understand she was doing interviews all day and WHIHH always makes sure we consider the artist. We spoke about the new project and her now owning her own record label B.M.B. We discussed the importance of family, and why she took a break from her music career to make sure her two beautiful daughters were on their way to success as well. As a mother myself I admire the sacrifices any woman gives up for their children. Charli also known for her exceptional fashion was dressed to the nine, I’m going to coin her the Queen of Giuseppe Zonotti. Charli Baltimore is fierce and has always been a trend setter. No one could rock that fire engine red hair like she could and now she is a Blond Bombshell. Fellas she is as beautiful as ever and women I have a very strong feeling many of us will be following her trends again. This is part one of a two series blog. Stay tuned for the “B.M.B albulm release party it only gets better. On behalf of we would like to thank Charli and the B.M.B team for their warm welcome and allowing us to be a part of the rise of B.M.B.

** ******IF IT’S NOT HERE IT’S NOT HOT**********

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