VMAs Bloopers and Epic Moments

Oh, what a courageous night with the celebrity performer’s of the MTV Music Awards (2013). Starting with Miley Sirus making the crowd puzzled with all types of expressions “ooo…aaahh…and auh uhh…” Miley Sirus took the stage with two little pig tails and a two piece. Can you say “shake what your mama gave you” or just don’t shake at all. Litte twerk Sirus was very provocative and daring. Was this a publicity stunt? If so, I’m talking about it, and besides I like Miley Sirus new attitude, I’m not sure the reason for this behavior but, TURN UP!

Instagram was on blast with all the blooper’s and epic moment’s taking place of the performers of the MTV Music Awards.

If It’s Not Here It’s Not Hot! That’s What’s Hot In Hip Hop!



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