DATE FOR A CAUSE!! FOR BREAST CANCER w/ SOCIALITE BUNNY   So I have been in the Big Apple aka New York City for a year in two weeks. When I arrived the first thing I did was get on a serious grind and hustle to brand my name. After months of looking for employment, I said instead of working for someone else let me start my own Empire. On July 12, 2013 I debut my first internet radio show, this happens to be my birthday as well. The ironic thing is five years prior, I opened my own business on thee exact date at the exact time 6:00pm. In my life I don’t believe in coincidences all things are written and happen for a reason and so my journey began.

Well my Executive Assistant and Team always tell me I need to go out and have fun and be pampered for a day. I consider all my endeavors fun because I enjoy doing them. You name it I do it. Executive Producer of my radio show, Chief Blogger, Artist Management, my own music career and handling my daughters modeling career and preparing my son for getting into a Division 1 college. You name it if it is positive and constructive I do it.   Needless to say, in a year I haven’t dated anyone or been on a date. I remained focused on my success and my family. So I decided to take them up on their offer, with one stipulation. If I do this contest there has to be a great cause behind it. That cause is “Breast Cancer Awareness”. I have lost two people to cancer and know many who have it or beat it. So it was a go, the date was put into action.

The terms of the contest are as follows. Contestants‘ must email: [email protected] no later than October 15,2013,by 12am. You must be 21 and older, have a valid Id, Include a recent photo and briefly explain how you would pamper me on the date. You must also be willing to come on my radio show “Da Original Hustla In Heelz” and talk about our experience. Most importantly you have to agree to do something with me for “Breast Cancer Awareness”, if you think you got what it takes please enter the contest. We have far to many women and men dying from cancer and the more educated you are the better chance you have on knowing if something is wrong with you. I learned from watching my stepmother take her last breath. So gentlemen, I wish you luck! I hope to see some emails today. You can follow me on Instagram at HbDatChic and view some pictures and see how hectic my life is. The winner will be notified by email with all other information. Good Luck and God Bless ~Bunny~ THIS IS WHATS HOT IN HIP HOP   ************************* IF IT’S NOT HERE IT’S NOT HOT*************************

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