Drake and Future Fighting

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Rumor has it that these two rappers are not getting along, and here is the reason why? According to some snitching, Drake KICKED FUTURE OFF his tour, but placed him back on the tour after Future threatened to sue. Drake was angry about the comment Future made in his interview with Billboard Magazine a few days before the tour.

Last night the two (according to inside sources) were still upset, and both rappers and their entourages were present backstage at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. Inside sources say “Someone from Drakes camp said something to one of Futures people… and things got ratchet”. Sources say ” there were punching and and pushing going on”. I just hope these two can get it together and resolve this matter like grown men.

Do you think these two rappers can put this behind them and why?

If It’s Not Here It’s Not Hot! That’s What’s Hot In Hip Hop!


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9 years ago

Keep working ,remarkable job!