The Hip Hop Awards Bloopers!


Atlanta, Georgia was packed with celebrities and fans from everywhere to celebrate the great Hip Hop Awards.

What’s Hot In Hip Hop had to cover the most talked about event of the year. Starting with TI– home boy was dressed dapper looking like Jeffrey from Fresh Prince of Bel air. Go boy/grown little man! We have Puffy looking like he have the new re-invented Thriller jacket on, in the picture with new modern day rappers, French Montana, and Meek Mill. Comedian Alex Thomas, Floyd Mayweather (hold up you are not a rapper Floyd), Mr Conglomerate Busta Buss, Rick Ross, Juvenile, Snoop Dogg, Lil Mama (please don’t jump on the stage without people knowing), Trillog from UGK, Big Tigger and many more came to enjoy this moment… Check out the pics.

If It’s Not Here It’s Not Hot! That’s What’s Hot In Hip Hop!

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