Florida’s very own Hip hop Pioneer Krunch One


We bring to you Florida’s very own Hip hop Pioneer (Artist, Producer, VJ, DJ and A&R) Krunch One of Core Djs, Street Connect DJs, Coalition Djs, Scrap Down Muzic, Boom Room Ent., and former I.M.G Strong Arm.

Krunch One, a Florida native, has been keeping the bass thumping and the heads nodding since the late 80s. Discovering his passion at a tender age, he became a member of the prolific, renown, and much beloved Sugarhill DJs, who he partnered up with after meeting its founding member the late and forever great DJ Uncle Al in a scratch and spin battle, Krunch One has been a major player in the Florida music scene watching it explode from the frontline ever since. Krunch One is a turntable genius who while burning up the underground airwaves is very much respected for his views in music within mainstream radio today. His years of dedication in the music industry made the move to radio a natural transition.

Krunch One, who teamed up with Brother Marquis of Uncle Luke’s 2 Live Crew notoriety, was prepared to bring the streets of Florida to the world. With the high energy no hold barred style and true to the streets mindset, the “TAKE BACK” radio show became one of the biggest underground radio shows around. The show which focuses on introducing local artist and ensuring that some of the most buzz worthy indie artists see exposure on radio exploded! Krunch One’s enthusiasm and sincere love for his city and its artist on their grind has proven that he is the voice of the streets. His versatility and sincerity in helping those around him see success has drawn thousands of listeners who have followed the “Take Back” show’s transition from underground pirate radio to mainstream internet 107.1fm Street Connect Radio (www.305xr.com).

Krunch One along with another respected DJ in the Florida scene, assembled the now well-known, award-winning Street Connect DJs which is a coalition of some the best DJs on a National level united in breaking new artist and dope records. Krunch One is also signed to Miami Artist Flo Rida’s I.M.G Strong Arm and was later promoted to A&R of the Urban Division of the label. Krunch One is also now the only owner of the Street Connect Djs Brand and is also a part of Coalition Djs as well as Core Djs; one of the largest running Dj coalitions after he was openly received with the stamp of approval by Florida’s own Trick Daddy and Tony Neil. Krunch One also has his own independent label; Scrap Down Muzic in which he has three up in coming artist: Rap Artist Sunny Celito who’s street album “Welcome 2 Dadeland” Dropped on Labor Day 2013 & is available on livemixtapes.com, datpiff.com, youtube.com and visit Krunch One’s site for additional distributor listings. Rap Artist Luckie Streets debut single “Ain’t Got All Year” is slated to drop Classic Weekend 2013 in Orlando, FL. and first lady R&B Artist & Model Nyla White is currently in the studio recording and building her brand.

Over the years Krunch One’s experiences have allowed him to be an active participant in the industry where he has blazed his trail all over Florida from the bottom to the top and expanded networks all across the U.S. Having spun with some of the hottest artists in the business over the years, as well as haven broken many records and given big breaks to many well respected names in hip hop; his longevity in the industry is not debatable. Ask some of the biggest names out of Florida and his colleagues such as Uncle Luke, Trick Daddy, Rick Ross, Flo Rida, Trina and the list goes on; they will all confirm that Krunch One is the DJ to see if you want that big break in Florida and well across every state with Street Connect Djs. Finishing out 2011 Krunch dropped his own street album titled “Clubs & Drugs” which he dedicated to his best friend & mentor DJ Uncle Al. Last year Krunch One started the year off at a strong pace by receiving Bigga Rankin’s Legendary Pioneer DJ Diamond Award. He is now working on “Clubs & Drugs” Volume 2.

Currently, Krunch One is active in the sports arena as well. He has been recognized for his success in events for the 2012-2013 NBA Drafts, Playoffs, Finals and Championships as well as the 2012-2013 NFL Drafts. Krunch One’s team remains consistent booking several venues for performances, hosting, interviews, music/entertainment reviews, publication/media features as well as networking and collaboration events. Krunch One has acquired an impressive multicultural fan base and following across major cities. With over 10.4K+ followers on the popular social site Twitter, 16K+ followers on combined associates (i.e. Core Djs, Street Connect DJ, Coalition Djs, Street Connect Radio, Scrap Down Muzic, Boom Room Ent. and former I.M.G Strong Arm) as well as an astounding 12K+ followers on other additional combined social media (i.e. YouTube, Instagram etc.) Krunch One showcases a solid fan base and an incredible talent in all of his many hats of success throughout his career in the music/entertainment industry.


WHIHH: As a Pioneer in music/entertainment representing Florida, give us a brief insight into the industry networking support and the raved about music and party scene as a whole in the well-known gritty streets of your hometown; Miami, Florida?

KRUNCH ONE: As of now I feel the industry is currently at a standstill as far as underground unsigned artist. It’s a lot of good talented artist & music but after the streets & clubs gets the artist going; radio still does not pick up the artist. I tell artist to move around outside the city. I hear all the time that radio tells artist to get hot in the streets 1st & when artist do just that, they still hit them with the politics. The party scene is going to forever stay popping its Miami baby the city of sin so I call it… Lol!

WHIHH: What advice would you provide to up incoming Artist/Entertainers within any of the industry divisions you have successfully mastered already?

KRUNCH ONE: Stay consistent & busy. Always brand yourself in every aspect of the game you can. Stay educated on whatever it is you’re trying to do, stay humble, network and keep God 1st.

WHIHH: Why do you believe your career has been on such a successful path thus far? What advice did you receive starting out that has been your foundation for your drive and mindset throughout your career?

KRUNCH ONE: I don’t think I’m successful for one, that mindset keeps me hungry & motivated. Besides, the late Uncle Al telling me to always brand myself, take my craft seriously and not as a hobby along with the life lessons growing up as a hustler in these Florida streets has taught me a lot about life & business.

WHIHH: Before immersing yourself into any of all the many hats you wear within this music/entertainment industry, what do you do to prepare yourself for the creative process before making any major power moves?

KRUNCH ONE: I look at all the successful people in the industry I’m in and what got them to where they are. I then add my vision & my direction to what it is I’m doing. I talk to my team and make sure we’re all on the same page; then I smash the gas.

WHIHH: Throughout your entire career who sticks out above the rest as the key players in your longevity and success today?

KRUNCH ONE: The passion I have for the game & my Kids seriously they drive me…

WHIHH: Who are/were in your opinion the (5) greatest DJs of all time and name a DJ who would be a humbling experience for you to work with if you haven’t worked with him/her already?

KRUNCH ONE: My top five DJs would be & these are my influences I grew up on. Disco Dave, Uncle Luke, Uncle Al, Scott La Rock, Jazzy Jeff and if I had the chance I would love to work with Clue and Kay Slay

WHIHH: It’s apparent that after asking your colleagues to give insight on your character, the feedback was unanimous, “Krunch One doesn’t take crap from anyone”! Well let’s visit the rose out of the concrete; the more gentle side. Tell us about that one thing or person that can pull that side not too many will ever see out of you?

KRUNCH ONE: My team, that’s it! If you’re not a part of my team you will never see the true me. My team understands my heart & passion. I don’t care what other people think.

WHIHH: What was the most memorable event/experience for you this year in terms of your career?

KRUNCH ONE: All the shift of events promoting and expanding the Street Connect Djs brand to other cities and states and seeing its growth.

WHIHH: What can we expect from any of your many projects in the months ahead?

KRUNCH ONE: Core Djs, Street Connect Djs and Coalition Djs will be doing more events to help unsigned artist, more shows & mixers and most definitely continue to break new artist & music. My label Scrap Down Muzic will release many big projects from its artist. Sunny Celito music is doing really good right now & I have other artist like Luckie Streets, Nyla White, Dj Killa K & Loso all have projects coming soon. Please join Krunch One’s pages on all social networks to stay connected and current with all events involving Krunch One and all of his affiliates. You can now find Krunch One on:
(Instagram/krunch_one) &

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