The Real YD – Artist Write Up on WHIHH


WHIHH: In brief tell us how you came to be a part of this music industry and what advice would you give to other artist such as yourself?

YD: I came to be a part of the music industry unexpectedly. Coming out of high school, I had great ambition to become a professional basketball player. Somehow after all the years of writing poetry, gradually learning how to write lyrics amazingly developed a strong passion for music and I decided to peruse a career in the music industry. The advice I will give another artist is learn the business, stay hungry, believe in yourself and bleed success.

WHIHH: Representing Florida, it’s no doubt that you have arrived on the scene with that built to last music. What is the motto you live by to help fuel your drive and hunger for ultimate success within your music career?

YD: The motto I live by is “Go hard or go home”. There are many other potential great artist around the world chasing the same dream that I am, so when everyone’s sleep I’m working, when they’re working I’m working harder and that helps fuel my drive in this competitive business as I strive for not only success but also greatness. 


WHIHH: From where do you draw inspiration when it comes to writing your music or finding that beat, sound etc. that best suits your music projects?

YD: The inspiration comes from the heart and soul. It’s hard to explain the feeling when a producer delivers that unique sound your ears can’t resist or when you hear a dynamic old school record whether it’s hip hop, blues, country, pop, or even the weirdest rock record can inspire my musical creativity writing songs.


WHIHH: Let’s talk about your music video titled ‘Money Trees’ featuring Yo Gotti and Ricky Rozay. You have the streets going wild with this one. Tell us a bit about the lyrical content and visual. Why do you believe so many could identify with this record and why those same fans and more supporters are feeling ‘The Real YD’ mixtape heavy? What can we expect from your next video?

YD: The song money trees is a big record for the streets so the directors Chris Larceny and Video No Shake (formally from the group Piccallo) created a storyline for viewers that gave life to the lyrics of Yo Gotti, Ricky Rozay and myself. That’s why I feel fans and supporters have always followed my career and gave back so much positive feedback. Along with the presence of several of the hottest artist in the rap game, my mixtape also provided relatable lyrical content to embrace not only my fan base but also new fans. As for my next video hold on to your seats hip hop fans, you’ll never know what to expect from Yd. 

 WHIHH: If I took a look at your playlist, name your top ten favorite rappers and of that list, name one you’d be humbled to work with if you haven’t already?

YD: If you were to take a look at my playlist, my top ten favorite artist would be 2pac, Scarface, Jadakiss, Jay-Z, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Meek Mill, lil Wayne and Rick Ross. Difficult decision but I’ll be humbled to work with Kendrick Lamar.


WHIHH: You’re currently on tour, tell us a bit about that and that experience for you on those stages?

YD: Being on tour with Yo Gotti was one of the greatest experiences in my life time traveling from city to city not only having fun but also seeing how much hard work along with the sacrifices it takes to put together a successful tour.


WHIHH: Did you ever think you would get this far in your music career and where do you want this journey to take you?

YD: Honestly, I always knew I would become a well-respected artist in my music career. Now my goals on this journey to success is to become an even greater businessman.


WHIHH: What is something you’d like to share with fans about your favorite past times when you are not recording in the studio?

YD: When I’m not in the studio or working on my music I love playing basketball, speaking to the youth and giving back to the community that really means a lot to me not only being a role model but also being a leader.3rd Annual Back 2 School Concert


WHIHH: What can we expect from you in terms of new music you’re currently working on and where can fans go to follow all of your music and up in coming projects?

YD: Bringing in the year 2014 fans can anticipate on hearing a lot more music, videos, blogs revealing the hard work it  takes to become a well-established independent artist and also seeing me take on a few acting roles in the future. Follow me on Twitter @therealyd, Instagram @yd4life, Facebook Iraydwalden, YouTube channel: ydnewmoneyent for any updates on YD.



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