Chef Juvon and Roxanne Shante Photo credit to Ronnie Wright

If you missed out, The Annual Rising Stars Magazine Award Show made its way to the Oberia Dempsey Center Theater in New York, Sunday, December 8, 2013. This star-studded event acknowledged and showcased some of the best talent and entrepreneurs, from Hip-Hop Artists and Singers to Chefs and Models. Separating itself from others, the categories of this Award Show are not limited to one form of Talent. Instead, some truly talented people of all entertainment genres were acknowledged as well as some true legends.

The renowned Hip Hop Legend, Roxanne Shante took home the “I am Legend Award” and dropped some knowledge for all the upcoming talents, most of which I will personally be using on my journey. The original Spinderella of Salt-N-Pepper, was also in the building! She showed us all that she still got it as she worked the red carpet, and accepted her award in an eyes catching pink mini dress. Dutchess Lattimore of Vh1’s Black Ink Crew introduced the Tara Stanley Award to Jay-z former manager, Maria Davis, who shared her heartwarming story.

Some of our very own What’s Hot in Hip Hop crew also took home some awards Sunday evening and played an active role in the overall night’s festivities. Chef Juvon took home the Chef of the Year Award alongside kfh ox who was awarded Best Pop Artist of 2013 .

Chef Juvon sampled some of his infamous cake during intermission, and all I can say is mmm mmm good! No Campbells. The fabulous Kfh ox had the crowd saying mmm mmm good, as she walked out in a stunning form fitting black one piece ready to hit the stage and perform some of her latest hit songs! Some other rising stars such as Mattieu Ethan and Bridgette O’Brien took home awards as well.

The overall concept of the award show was undeniably well coordinated, however, as for actual delivery of the show itself, not so much. As we all should know by now, you have to expect the unexpected when dealing with anything happening LIVE, and in the case of The Rising Star Magazine Award Show, the unexpected was in attendance Sunday evening. The loss of the projector was probably the main cause of most of the night’s mishaps. As a result, there was a lot of improvising which then led to occasional dead air and confusion; From the Award recipients missing in action, to the physical awards missing in action. However, the awesome performances and great vibes from an exciting crowd made up for the technicalities.

Overall, the Rising Stars Magazine Award show lived up to its great concept and goal; Having fun, recognizing some true talent and entrepreneurs, all while supporting a great cause. All event proceeds went to the Platinum Dream Foundation, a non-profit organization assisting children with educational needs. Major Kudos for giving back to the community!

Congratulations to all the Rising Stars Magazine Award Show Winners From all of us here at What’s Hot in Hip Hop!!

If it’s not HERE… It’s NOT hot!!  This is What’s Hot in Hip Hop.

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