Bow Wow Fired from 106 and Park?

What are we ever going to do now? Bow Wow was fired from the popular B.E.T Hip Hop and R&B Music Countdown show, 106 and Park, for using his company credit for wardrobe and child support payments.*gasp*

Bow wo 106Well atleast that’s what one website wants us to think. Bow Wow fans can now take a deep breath because…  It’s simply NOT true.

The article titled “Bow Wow fired from 106 & Park for using company card to pay child support” published by Cream BMP Daily, was created for “entertainment purposes,” according to the websites facebook page. The article states “Bow Wow charged over $30,000 in child support to a company card he was issued for wardrobe and travel.” And even goes as far as quoting a faulty “senior accountant,” about the spending.

With the explosive amount of internet responses and word quickly spreading, Bow Wow, real name Shad Gregory Moss, took it to Twitter and Instagram on Thursday January 23, 2014, to clear his name of yet another rumor.  He replied to HipHopture on Twitter acknowledging that he will be on 106 and Park as usual.

He also took his response to the 106 and Park Instagram page with a video of him playfully breaking down in tears. Check out the 106andPark Instagram Video here.

All fans of the Hip Hop Artist, can now rest assured that Bow Wow will be hosting another 106 and Park show tonight at 6pm ET on B.E.T .

bow wowIf it’s NOT here… It’s NOT HOT… This is What’s Hot in Hip Hop!

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