“Fashion is what you buy, Style is what you do with it!”

unnamedAnesther Miller is ready to take the fashion world by storm, and it starts with ISTYLEHUNT

Despite originating her work in the corporate world, fashion never took a backseat in the life of Anesther Miller. From the early days of her career and personal life, she always managed to find ways to make her professional attire meet the needs of her fashion forward lifestyle. It was then that she realized, her passion for making her mark in the fashion world, lived within her.

unnamed1Seeing fashion as a way of self expression and originality, fashion remained the spot light in the life of this young fashionista, which led her to believe it was her calling. Soon enough, she stepped out of her comfort zone and set out to pursue her hearts true desire, with the decision to take a position in retail.

Six months later, she found herself transitioning from the role of a sales associate to styling the window mannequins, as she took on the prestige position as a stylist. This played a major role in Anesther’s goal to meet her aspirations. It allowed her to bring her visions to life, being more “hands on,” in addition to expressing her feelings and thoughts through style. Anesther realized, when she couldn’t find the words to speak, her style did the talking!

Finding much joy in her work and seeing the effect she could have on the public, and the fashion world, she could not stop there! She decided to take her talents a step further.

Anesther set out to create her own online store ISTYLEHUNT , which she prides in as, “one of unnamedthe best investments she’s made thus far.” With inspirations from the Style Network, and watching Rachel Zoe and June Ambrose do their thing, it fueled her to journey in the direction of her current aspirations. ISTYEHUNT offers unique limited pieces, to start the lead in your own original style. So if you’re looking to set yourself apart from the crowd, check out ISTYLEHUNT here.

With the rapid growing fashion industry, Anesther is working on perfecting her craft with the intentions of being the best at what she does.

Anesther is currently working towards becoming an Editorial Stylist as well as expanding her online business with faith and consistency.

She confidentiality ventures to meet the goals she has set forth for herself, stating, “When it all boils down we realize that what we wear is indeed a reflection of ourselves, as well as your first impression to others. I know for a fact when you look good you feel good, and my job is to make that feeling happen for everyone.”

Looking for a stylist for your next big event? Contact Anesther Miller at AnestherMiller@gmail.com and follow her on Instagram at _iambitiousness !

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