Grammy performers confirmed and guess who was just added to the lineup!!

55th Grammy Award Poster –

So who can make this kind of noise in the world of media, just by adding their name to the roster of Grammy performers? Yes, this is kind of a big deal!

Ok, I’ll give you a hint:

In 2002 he made a public boycott against The Grammy’s when DMX was not nominated, stating “I didn’t think they gave the rightful respect to hip-hop,” to MTV. He currently has earned 52 Career Grammy nominations, and 17 Grammy wins. Collectively, he has 11 platinum number one albums and 13 platinum albums. His most recent album ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’ has already reached double platinum status, selling more than 2 million copies in the Unites States alone.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, this will be the biggest hint of them all…. Ready for it?

He is the King to a Queen in her own right, whose self-entitled, surprise album just hit platinum status in a two-week span! That’s right you guessed it, JAY-Z has just been added to the lineup of Grammy performers!

The 56th Grammy Awards lineup is prepping us for the show of many dreams. Bringing to the stage most of Today’s chart toppers, such as, Kendrick Lamar, Robin Thicke, Lorde, Taylor Swift, Pharrell Williams, The Queen herself, Beyonce, and many more.

The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Backstage And Audience
55th Grammy Awards – Associated Press Image

Jay-z is in the running for nine awards this year. However, the Queen is not in the running for any awards this year, as her self-entitled album, Beyonce, was not released in time for nominations.

The Grammys will be hosted by LL cool J on January 26, 2014 and I am definitely excited to watch this year! Not sure if it is the amazing lineup, or the possibility of Jay-z and Beyonce teaming up for a hot collaboration performance. I would love to see a steamy “Drunk in Love” performance, although it is very unlikely with the nature of The Grammys. But, a sister can dream right?

Do you think we will get a Jay-Z and Beyonce performance at The Grammys this year? We shall see.

If it’s NOT here… It’s NOT hot.. THIS is What’s HOT in Hip Hop

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