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"Da Original Hustla In Heelz" Radio Show

“Da Original Hustla In Heelz” Radio Show

The New Year is creating plenty of buzz in the Hip Hop Industry. One Mc who’s name, lyrical ability and work ethic that is making a massive buzz is Mysonne. While Mysonne is no new comer to the Hip Hop world, this Mc is a force no one can deny.
A notable alum of the New York mix tape circuit in the late ’90s, Mysonne E. Linen was born and bred in the Bronx. Trying to escape the ills that arise with inner-city life, he became a very skilled basketball player during high school and then briefly attended college in criminal justice; but his ardent passion for hip-hop lured him away from those two paths. Using his first name as his Mc name, this Mc is taking the industry by storm and taking names later.
I had the opportunity to interview Mysonne on my radio show. I have always followed his music and was excited to have him and his manager, Jennifer Alvarez on the show. I was impressed to say the least, this camp is professional. While dealing with many artist who show up late for interviews, they were ready to rock before I went live. The 5 Star General, Mysonne was in the building.
Interviewing Mysonne was a breeze. He is humble, highly educated and has a great sense of humor. Did I mention his lyrical ability is phenomenal. We touched on a plethora of topics, from hip hop, hood life and his unfortunate seven-year imprisonment after being convicted of armed robbery and being sentence to 7-14 years in prison. After doing my research before the interview, I found it odd that this man who lost his father at a very young age and had the courage and strength to beat the odds by keeping himself indulged in academics and sports, would be foolish enough to commit two-counts of armed robbery. The actions and the man I learned about didn’t add up. I can see very clearly why he still proclaims his innocence.
My prediction for 2014, Mysonne The 5* General Of New York, will continue on his journey and make history of being one of the dopest lyrical   to bless Hip Hop. Salute to Mysonne wishing you much success and prosperity.

Check Out The 5* General of NY Mysonne on YouTube

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