I guess the world of entertainment has no limits – The George Zimmerman “Celebrity” Boxing Match is back on, oh and this time, DMX is not invited!

George-Zimmerman-Fight-640x430Yes, I am talking about the George Zimmerman who was found not guilty for the death of the black unarmed teenager, Trayvon Martin, which caused major racial debates and outrage in the world of media.

As if we were not disgusted enough, promoter, Damon Feldman, decided to organize a celebrity fight match between George Zimmerman and hip hop artist, Earl Simmons, better known DMX. The fight was announced on, Trayvon’s birthday, causing major media attention and criticism and later cancelled after alleged threats were made against Feldman.

Despite the threats and petitions arranged by Civil Rights leader Reverend Al Sharpton, against the match, a new promoter believes, the show must go on! And allegedly, the fight will no longer feature the original fighter DMX, because bigger names want in.

The rights to the Zimmerman fight are set to be secured by an online streaming service, FilmOn.com and the match is no longer considered boxing. Instead, this will be a live scene from fight club. According to the new promoter, this event will be much bloodier. Sounds like this event will be one for the books, for all the wrong reasons!

Has the world of entertainment taken it too far? Or is this the fight you’ve been waiting for? Either way, it looks like a new “celebrity” is being made out of an acquitted murderer and something just does not “match up,” if you ask me!

 If it’s NOT here… It’s NOT HOT! This is what’s HOT in Hip Hop!

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