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Hip Hop has been always fair game for beef, whether it be just on wax or the rare occurrence when it actually spills into real life, in rap you always hear about this person having beef with this person no matter how big or small it always receives a large amount of attention. Beef has always been present in hiphop, from the Boogie Down Productions/The Juice Crew, Jay-z/Nas, Pac/Big, to Drake/Kenrick Lamar, beef has kept fans interested and listening and it also lit a competitive fire under the artist.

Two beefs that we’ve seen, Rick Ross/Young Jeezy and 50 Cent/Fat Joe, were beefs that we would consider serious. Its been ten years since the Fat Joe and 50 cent started their beef which was started when Joe was on Ja Rule’s track “New York, New York”, over the years they sent jabs back and forth at each other but mainly everything thing was kept on wax. Ross and Jeezy’s beef started when Jeezy felt Ross with his shaky background story had no right to shout out Big Meech and Bmf in his “Blowing Money Fast” track, their beef escalated at the 2012 BET Hip Hop awards when a brawl between the two camps erupted backstage.

Over the last couple of weeks these beefs came to a surprising end when Ross revealed that Jeezy was going to be on his “Mastermind” album and 50 Cent and Fat Joe released their track “Free” that is going to be on DJ Kay Slay’s mixtape “The Rise of a City”. Seeing some sort of resolutions in these two serious beefs doesn’t mean that this aspect of the game is dead, it just means that there can always be room to make peace and show fans and up and coming hip hop fans that its never that serious.
Rick Ross and Jeezy on album –

Rick Ross and Jeezy fight

(Fat joe and 50 cent track)



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