SWV: Reunion Weak or Just Human Nature?

So if you’re anything like me, you’re ecstatic to hear about the recent reunion of one of the world’s best girl groups to ever join forces, SWV! As the episode of SWV Reunited aired last week, there was no shortage of drama and tears.


The ladies of SWV (Sisters With Voices), Coko, Lelee, & Taj, have more than just music in common at this point in their careers. Family drama and personal issues only scratch the surface on the first episode. In an interview with Ebony Magazine’s editorial director, Pandora’s box is open wide.

As if reuniting isn’t complicated enough, the reunion is almost over before it begins as Coko divulges that she wants to go solo, pursuing her heart’s desire in gospel music.


Cory Taylor, Manager/Executive Producer of  SWV Reunited Docu-Series, has received some criticism for his role in the women’s career, but his tweets portray that the full story is not always known. And it seems in the world of docudramas, and the like, drama is the name of the game. Cory Taylor, founder of RnB Spotlight in NYC, has his hands full with so many dynamics and growing tension between these sisters with growingly louder voices. Taylor recently posted on his Facebook page,” There is nothing I wouldn’t do for them…we have nothing but love for each other.” The last episode had Cory Taylor transitioning to SWV’s road manager moving forward, but only time will tell how things will unfold for these sisters with voices.

This is what’s hot in hip hop. If it’s not here, it’s not hot!



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