Alright Already: Ray J we get it… You hit it first – Ray J reenacts Kim Kardashian sex scene in a gag with Joan Rivers (Video)

Ray - J and JoanSinger Ray J, who seems to be more popular for his infamous porn star appearance than his music, will stop at nothing to let the world know, he hit it first! Or at least this seems to be the case, as Ray J continues to make this the highlight of his career in the public eye these days.

Despite Ray J’s previous acts to remind the world, he had a very public sexual relationship with the popular fashion designer and wife of Hip Hop artist Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, his most recent antics probably managed to be the most direct. Ray J teamed up with comedian Joan Rivers for a raunchy scene for her  WE tv show, “Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?”

Although I do not necessarily agree with Ray J’s career choices and highlights, I must admit, it does make for a pretty funny scene. What do you think? Is Ray J screaming for attention or is this just a playful scene for Joan’s new upcoming show?

Check out the Joan Rivers and Ray J Sex Tape GAG here.

If it’s NOT here.. It’s NOT hot… THIS IS WHAT’S HOT IN HIP HOP!

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