The Return of Bad Boy’s R&B Group Total!

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When you think of the early integration of hip-hop and R&B you automatically think of Kima, Keisha and Pam a.k.a. Total managed by Eugene Napolean. We first heard Total on Notorious B.I.G.’s classic single “Juicy”, and since then they have been featured on many chart topping singles thereafter. In 1996 they released their debut album “Total” which went platinum and in ’98 they released “Kima , Keisha and Pam” which subsequently went gold. After much success it seemed like Total had just disappeared, their last appearance was in 2001 with Da Beatminerz and Talib Kweli on the “Anti-Love Movement”. After a lengthy hiatus two of the group’s members, Pam and Kima, performed at a special Valentines Day R&B Superstars show at the Wembly in London. Since their reunion in London, Total has embarked on a Total reunion tour making their first stop at Stage 48 in Lower Manhattan courtesy of Directly and Floway of On the Rocks Entertainment, the event was catered by Chef Juvon of Jayvon Makers Catering. Watching the show it was evident that Kima and Pam hadn’t lost a step. Performing with a live drummer they performed many of their group’s hits and also many hits that they were featured on, the group sounded as good and crisp as they did when the songs first dropped,  the dates and locations of their tour will be announced in the near future.

While doing press in London Kima and Pam stopped by a few radio stations, Kima spoke about the music of today:

“I think music now lacks originality.  When we recorded we put everything into it. We weren’t rushing to put anything out. I just think the work ethic is a little different. I think people are just rushing to throw stuff out there and not really putting that artistry behind their project like a lot of the 90′s artists did. We wanted longevity and our music is still rocking.”

On returning to music:

“The one thing social media made me realize was how much people really love Total. After all these years to still know we have a fan base. I think it’s good to get out there and mingle with your fans and just market yourself.”

The ladies are back in the studio and we can expect to hear new music from them soon.

AND of Course “This is WHAT’S HOT IN HIP HOP!



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