Video play back with rapper Ishan feat Fred the godson.

Whats up, it’s London Marie bringing you the scoop on rapper Ishan’s video playback located in the boogie down Bronx. Best known for his mixtapes, rapper Ishan featured rapper Fred thegodson on his new single “Dam Shame” Ishan feat Fred thegodson "Dam Shame" video shoot

The song is FIRE, Ishan and Fred’s collaboration on this track is bound to take over the air waves. I had the honor of speaking with Ishan, and I must say, not only is he a great artist, he’s humble and very well groomed for an up and coming young artist.When I walked on to the set, I had a completely different mind set about what type of artist Ishan would be. I was way off, I guess it’s true when they say, “You cant judge a book by it’s cover”.

The set was completely dope, and full of energy. As Ishan and Fred did their thing in front of the camera, I had a chance to speak with his manager Kedar. While speaking with Kedar, I had the opportunity to learn more about Ishan, as far as his music and who he is as an artist. During the video playback, Ishan and his crew sported apparel which stated,Cash Royalty Family“, in which Ishan himself expressed the meaning behind CRF in his interview with WHIHH host Tisha Monee, be sure to check that out on the WHIHH home page.

Overall I had a great time, everyones vibe was welcoming, the shoot seemed to be going well, it was nothing but love the entire night. I want to give a special shot out and thanks to Kedar for hooking me up with exclusive tracks off Ishan’s 6th mixtapewhich will be dropping soon so make sure you look out for that. I guarantee you it is definitely whats hot in hip hop. You can check out some of Ishan’s music on sound cloud, and you can find him on instagram at ishanmusic.

Check out “Dam Shame” on my facebook page You can also check out exclusive behind the scene images of last nights event. I would like to add that WHIHH would like to give a special shot out to International Nova for holding it down in Jersey where he shot his video, and we do apologize for not being able to attend. The video featured artist B. Morgan,  Cristion Dior & Fred Thegodson, look out for that video the streets are definitely talking about this epic collaboration, so make sure you stay tuned for more on International Nova as well as the featured artist.

~London Marie






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